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Our Holistic Philosophy is based on the premise that the body has the innate ability to heal itself. When we nurture our bodies from the inside out we create a harmonious environment where our mind, body and spirit can flourish. Our holistic approach to wellness & bodywork allows the body to heal, repair and recover into a balanced state of health that improves your overall quality of life.  Holistic health therefore strives to promote health rather than confront disease. 

Our goal is to deliver professional holistic health care of the highest standard with a focus on exceptional treatment results! you can click on the "Menu" page to learn more about the various techniques/treatments we use in our work.


Our Studio is located within the new E-lofts Alexandria community. It is a beautiful, serene and welcoming healing space where you will be cared for by a passionate holistic health practitioner who will listen to your concerns and goals for your treatment session. Our sun-lit studio provides a healing oasis outside of the city, where you can re-balance, heal and reclaim your natural state of good health. 

*Complimentary underground parking provided within the buildings garage! 


On-Location services are offered within the DC metropolitan and surrounding areas for bodywork sessions if you have a table and adequate parking arrangements are made prior to the arrival of the therapist. Please use the "CONTACT" tab if you live outside of the DC metro or surrounding areas but would like to book an appointment. 

Appointments can be made on-line by clicking on the "BOOK" page where you'll be directed to our on-line scheduling system.  If you have any further questions you can click on the "CONTACT" page or call us directly at (800) 251-8396 we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.


Thanks for visiting, and we look forward to sharing vibrant energy with you.

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